About Us

Changzhou Mirror Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of ultrasonic equipment manufacturing. The company and the Jiangsu Branch of the Institute of Mechanical Science have jointly established the “High-end Ultrasound Equipment Technology Engineering Center”, which has absorbed the advanced technologies of ultrasound in Germany and Japan, especially Committed to the promotion of ultrasonic deburring technology, Mi Ra has independently developed a number of patents for ultrasonic deburring, which are used in precision machining in the fields of machinery, electrical and electronics.


        The burrs that can be removed by the ultrasonic deburring machine are not large and hard flanging, but tiny burrs remaining after high-precision machining. The burrs are visible to the naked eye or under the microscope. Such burrs may fall off during assembly or use. Quality and reliability.


        The application of dense radium ultrasonic deburring equipment includes automotive, medical, aerospace, precision molding and high-precision manufacturing, as well as the development of chemical raw materials mixing and special cleaning.


        There are many kinds of deburring machines. If you want to deburring and do not want to vibrate and magnetically grind the surface of the precision workpiece, please choose the ultra-ultra ultrasonic deburring machine; if your workpiece cleanliness can not meet your needs after high-pressure water cleaning Please choose the ultra-ultra-ultrasonic deburring device; if you can't bear the cost of micro-hole artificial deburring, please choose the dense radium ultrasonic deburring machine; if you want to deburring but the burr is not easy to detect by the naked eye, please choose the ultra-ultra ultrasonic Deburring device.


        Mirror is focused on ultrasonic deburring, because of concentration, so professional!